Commentary on Advocacy


Throughout my life, I have fervently championed a number of causes, dedicating considerable personal time to each and every initiative. My most recent involvement is with the Lake Rosemound board, where my efforts have focused on safeguarding the key aspects of our community.

Safeguarding our Dam

At the core of our community lies our lake, and its lifeblood – our dam. Recognizing a looming threat, I actively stepped in to halt logging trucks from crossing our dam, an action that posed serious damage to this vital structure. Through quick and strategic action, I convened other board members and we successfully obtained a temporary injunction and a cease-and-desist order from the W Feliciana court.

With the help of a geotechnical expert, we prepared for the injunction hearing, offering an abundance of dam-related evidence, with particular emphasis on a seep – a concern that’s been escalating recently. The expert’s site inspection led to a suggested short-term repair, which I effectively presented to our board and is currently underway.

Addressing Lake Dredging

The lake’s dredging initiative stirred controversy within our community of 300 members, mainly due to the high costs and vague plans. Taking matters into my own hands, I devoted over 900 hours refining the project’s scope and enhancing its communication with the members. As the leader of the committee overseeing this initiative, I procured proposals for a new engineering scope aiming for an economical and sustainable resolution to this challenging issue. Following the committee review, we’ve recommended an approach to the board. We’re optimistic that the engineering efforts will gain approval and the project will progress.

Focus on Drainage Improvement

My advocacy for improved drainage is discussed more fully in other sections of this site. This long-standing effort, involving more than 2600 hours of personal time over the last four years, has recently achieved notable milestones. I successfully organized a community “mini townhall”, attended by 60 people and presented by the parish president and staff, where we discussed solutions to inadequate drainage issues with key stakeholders.

Our persistent efforts are beginning to yield results: advocating for parish purchase of a home, the demolition of the house, and the subsequent grading of the lot and culvert addition. This minor yet crucial detail could have potentially averted home flooding during Hurricane Ida. Currently, I am advocating for the inclusion of specific design elements that will provide a “relief” flow path, aimed at preventing total street storm drain blockage by debris during extreme weather events such as hurricanes.

Advocacy for Responsible Construction

I also actively campaigned for responsible home construction practices. The existing ordinances mandate higher home base flood elevation construction (BFE), which often leads to lower existing homes facing damaging runoff from higher properties. I have prepared and presented photo documentation to the parish council legislative committee for ordinance revisions to protect these homes.

Outdoor Access of State Waters

I spoke at a LA House committee promoting access to public waters of the state, in support of the La Sportsman’s Coalition drive to prevent limiting public access to fishing access.

 Together, we’re not just safeguarding our present, but also paving the way for a safer, more sustainable future for our community

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