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“Walter Pilie’: A Champion for St. Charles Parish

With a deep-seated dedication and steadfast commitment to St. Charles Parish, Walter Pilie’ has been a relentless advocate, working diligently alongside officials. His work encompasses gathering data, scrutinizing past flooding patterns, analyzing intricate drainage information, and actively contributing to local government meetings. His drive is fueled not just by passion, but by a profound sense of duty and an understanding that we, the people, have a stake in the welfare of our community.

Walter’s resolute determination and profound understanding of the parish’s flooding challenges have not only garnered him respect from both parish leaders and residents but also positioned him ideally to advocate for appropriate utilization of grant funds. His work guarantees community safety and relief from flooding for homeowners.

With the approach of FEMA FMA (Flood Mitigation Assistance) home elevation grant application periods, Walter’s unwavering advocacy becomes crucial. He has previously helped guide residents through the intricate application process to ensure their inclusion in the FMA program.

As a member of the St Charles Parish East Bank Citizen’s Drainage Committee, Walter has consistently shown concern for all areas of the parish, extending beyond District 3. He has scrutinized our area, the Ormond Watershed and collaborated closely with Principal, the engineering company, to ensure the analysis’s accuracy and effectiveness.

Walter has also actively supported funding for two new Montz pump stations to discharge into the Bonnet Carre Spillway and has brought forward technical considerations for ordinance revision at council meetings. His extensive knowledge of the local drainage system and his support to the parish in securing a significant $10 million grant earmarked for the construction of the Montz Pump Station No. 1, underlines his interest and support of critical projects of great importance to our parish.

Furthermore, Walter’s role in the selection and subsequent conversion to drainage infrastructure of a property at 110 Ducayet Dr, and his attention to the complex network of canals in our community, demonstrate his proactive approach to mitigating local flooding. With a keen eye on the future, Walter supports critical infrastructure upgrades and repairs to improve our community’s drainage.

His dedication to his neighborhood, one of the hardest hit by flooding in the parish, resulted in securing a grant of $6.3 million dedicated to improving drainage across the CN RR. This funding is a significant step towards much-needed drainage enhancements that will mitigate flooding in our community.

Walter Pilie’s technical proficiency, community-centric approach, and intimate understanding of the Parish’s needs make him the perfect candidate to ensure that council-voted funds and grants are used efficiently and effectively. Walter is the right choice to bring tangible benefits to the residents of St. Charles Parish and continue to strive for progress, safety, and prosperity for all

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A Better District 3 is Possible

Envision a District 3 where safety, prosperity, and community thrive. With Walter Pilie at the helm, this dream can become a reality. His deep understanding of the community’s needs, coupled with his technical expertise and unwavering commitment, can catalyze transformative improvements. From resolving persistent flooding issues to optimizing the allocation of grant funds, Walter’s leadership can shape a resilient, thriving District 3 for us all. His dedication promises a brighter future – because a better District 3 is not just possible, it’s within our reach.

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