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Walter Pilie’s Distinguished Professional Journey and Advocacy Work

Walter Pilie’ has long been a part of the St. Charles Parish community, using his extensive knowledge and experience to advocate tirelessly on their behalf. His journey started with an educational foundation from Jesuit High School in New Orleans (1969), leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Orleans (1973).

In his professional life, Walter practiced as a Professional Engineer in Mechanical Engineering, license number 24070, now retired. With a successful career spanning 42 years in the Engineering field, he designed facilities and led many design teams, and now applies these skills to serve his community.

His dedication to service extends beyond his professional contributions. Walter proudly served in the military, as a part of the 141st Field Artillery and 225th Engineer Battalion. This military experience honed his leadership abilities and sense of responsibility.

In his ongoing advocacy work in St. Charles Parish, Walter is deeply committed to tackling issues such as flood mitigation, infrastructure improvement, and researching project plans to assure efficient use of grant funds. His deep understanding of local flooding issues, intimate knowledge of the community’s needs, and unwavering commitment make him an invaluable representative for District 3.

Walter began his professional journey in 1973 at Petro-Marine Engineering, where he worked as a Design Engineer and Project Engineer, honing his skills in offshore facilities design. He moved on to Autocon, a subsidiary of Camco Oil Tools Co, in 1976, rising from the position of Design Engineer to VP of Engineering, specializing in offshore oil & gas facility controls design and manufacturing.

In 1985, Walter joined W.H. Linder & Associates, Inc., where he worked his way up from Project Engineer to owner/partner and VP before the company’s sale to Jacobs Engineering in 2006. At Jacobs Engineering, he took on roles as a Project Leader, in-house consultant, and project manager for Shell’s Deepwater oil & gas projects, until his retirement in 2015.

Over his long and fruitful career, Walter led projects related to onshore and offshore oil & gas production facilities, overseeing design, management, and construction planning for numerous ventures. These included managing multi-discipline design and construction teams of over 100 staff for the execution of five Shell E&P on Deepwater floating topsides oil and gas facility drilling/production platform module designs and hull systems designs.

His commitment to service extends beyond his professional life. Walter served on the boards of several associations and committees, including the Lake Rosemound Association, the Lake Rosemound Dredge-Abatement committee, the Lake Rosemound Dam Safety committee, and the St Charles Parish East Bank Citizens’ Drainage committee. He was a board member, secretary, and part owner of W.H. Linder Associates, Inc from 2001 -2006, and served on the Bonnet Carre’ Spillway citizens committee to form a Use Plan when the USACE assumed operation in the 1990s. Walter served as an alternate board member on the St Charles Parish Zoning Board of Adjustments in the late 1980’s.

Walter’s affiliations reflect his diverse interests and commitment to his community. He is a District Captain for the Convention of States Action in LA House District 56, a member of LACAG (La Citizen’s Advocacy Group), La Sportsman’s Coalition, NRA (National Rifle Association), NAGR (National Association for Gun Rights), and a founding member of the Stop Our Flooding Facebook site.

Walter’s advocacy work is characterized by his dedication and personal investment. He has consistently stepped up to protect and enhance his community, from securing a temporary injunction to stop logging trucks from traversing the dam at Lake Rosemound, to advocating for  changes to  St Charles Parish ordinances to protect older, lower properties from runoff damage.

His advocacy has often been met with positive results, including the recommendation for interim dam repair at Lake Rosemound, and his ongoing efforts to ensure a sustainable and economic solution to the community’s dredging initiative. His commitment to flood control in St. Charles Parish alone has seen him dedicate over 2600 hours of his personal time over the past four years.

Walter has spoken at town hall meetings and council meetings on various issues, advocated for revised ordinance language related to dangerous dogs, and even contributed to the successful donation of property for a boat launch along Bayou Des Allemands. In every endeavor, his commitment to his community shines through, highlighting why he is an outstanding candidate for Council District 

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Walter Pilie’ has given over 2600 hours to fight for issues in District 3, think what he will do as your council member.  Vote Pilie’ District 3