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Walter Pilie' For a Better District #3

I, Walter Pilie’, have lived in Ormond Plantation Estates, Destrehan, for 37 years. I am not merely running on a promise to address our flooding issues; I have been actively battling this crisis from the front-lines since 2019, entrenched in the fight for our community’s safety and resilience. I firmly believe that until we alleviate these flooding issues, we cannot fully attract new residents, businesses and industry to our vibrant parish. This endeavor has seen me dedicate over 2,600 hours in the service of our community. I am a family man with a vision of creating a better, safer St. Charles Parish for my children, grandchildren, and generations to come. My past experiences as a small business owner equip me with the knowledge to create a conducive environment for entrepreneurship. This understanding, coupled with my commitment to the welfare of our parish, has led me to run for Council District 3 in St. Charles Parish. I am not driven by political gamesmanship, but rather by the genuine interest in the welfare of our community. You, your family, and my family are at the heart of each decision I make and every vote I cast. Vote Walter Pilie’ for Council District #3 on October 14th.

Vote Pilie: Advocacy, Action, Achievement for St. Charles Parish.

Looking for a candidate who embodies dedication, advocacy, and effective leadership? Meet Walter Pilie:

Walter Pilie’s dedication to St. Charles Parish, proven track record, and unwavering drive make him an outstanding candidate for Council District 3. As a long-term resident and a passionate advocate for flood control, Pilie’ understands the needs and concerns of the community intimately. His experience in working hand-in-hand with parish officials,
collecting and analyzing relevant data, feeding field observations to public works, and advocating at local government meetings is testament to his commitment and capacity to bring about positive change. With his strong grasp of local issues, he is uniquely poised to make impactful legislative decisions that adheres to local laws and  policies. His valuable insight is instrumental in making informed decisions when voting on budgets. Furthermore, his extensive engagement with the community demonstrates his approach-ability and dedication to representing his constituents effectively. Walter Pilie’ is not just a candidate; he’s a dedicated family man, an experienced advocate, and a determined servant of the people, making him the ideal choice for Council District 3 in St. Charles Parish.

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Walter Pilie' Campaign

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October r 14th 2023 7:00-11:00 Location: Dickey's BBQ 12547 Airline Hwy

Join Walter Pilie and his Family for the victory celebration on October 14th @ 7:00 pM

Mark your calendars for the evening of October 14th, as we come together for Walter Pilie’s Victory Celebration! In a gathering filled with anticipation and camaraderie, we’ll watch the live election returns unfold. As the results roll in, we eagerly await that special moment to be among the first to congratulate Walter Pilie on his triumphant win for District 3. This is more than just a celebration; it’s a testament to our community’s shared vision and trust in Walter’s leadership. Let’s revel in this momentous occasion together! See you there! Family Friendly!