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“We fiercely champion what is right, not for personal gain or fleeting glory, but to create a safer, prosperous tomorrow that our children and grandchildren will inherit with pride.”

"Pilie Family Legacy: Walter and Fran Pilie', Their Children, and Spouses - United for a Better St. Charles Parish"

Joseph Pilie', Lauren Pilie', Fran Giurintano Pilie, Walter Pilie', Lauren Rome, Paul Rome

Tis the reason I do what i do.

The Three Generations, including my 3 grandchildren. Lily, Luke and Malcolm

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Town Hall Meeting

Join us for a Town Hall meeting with Walter Pilie, the man who is dedicated to securing a brighter future for St. Charles Parish. This is an excellent opportunity to hear directly from Walter about his mission to resolve our flooding issues, support small businesses, and foster growth within our community. His dedication and drive shine through his actions, and this event is your chance to engage in conversation, ask questions, and learn more about his plans for District 3. Be a part of the change, be a part of the conversation, and let’s work together to build a future we can all be proud of.